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randomanswers's Journal

The Answers Lie Within
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This community is a place where people can come and ask random questions and others will post answers that either don't make sense or are just plain goofy or maybe actually provide the answers to life's deepest mysteries. Once answers are posted, the debate on their validity will open like flood gates. It's mostly just for fun and, dare I say, it's the funnerest lj community through all of time! So bang your head on the wall for an hour to burn some calories and ask away!

the creative inspiration for this community came from metromaniac and agerk4 just in case you were curious as to who was responsible for such madness.

if you post stuff not asking questions, your post will be baleeted and you may be subject to ban-ification.

now stop reading and make yourself a submarine sandwich, throw it in the river and watch it float away as you sit and ponder life's existence.